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fuck this account

2011-01-22 07:38:02 by codymishka

shit i havent been on this account in ages

anyway ive got a new account which im uploading music on, check me out

im solely using that account now, so dont come on this one

The Broken Clan

2008-07-30 02:45:42 by codymishka

Good news, stojkovski is creating his latest flash entitled: "The broken clan", I'm sure its going to be very good and he has convinced me that it will be. I have been asked to create music for these so I will be doing that. I will be creating music for all three and I am looking forward to getting started. This is a project that I have been keen on for a while now and am sure will be worth it when it comes out.
The music that will be created will also be submitted to newgrounds once TBC has been submitted as well.
There is a few different genres that I am creating so that should hopefully be somthing for everyone.

I have also began work on a new project that is not rocky like Garage rock but is a bit technoie but I havnt really established a genre for it yet as I am only in the early stages of developing it, but it should be out by late next week because I have some commitments for school that I need to attend to first.
Thanks for reading this


Hi all,
I have submitted a project that I created called Garage Rock that I hope you all like. Its a far cry from a flash video but its good enough.
I have cancelled creation of the flash because of tons of work that I had to do and have no time for making it now, but am going to try and make one in the near future.
My song I submitted hopefully will not get blammed before to long but if so, then I'll know that ill just have to do better.


Newcoming video

2008-05-19 02:40:14 by codymishka

Hello all,

I have finally decided on a subject for my latest video and have started to make it. Even through the hard work I have put into it it will be very badly animated, mainly because I can't make the lines in flash as good as many other people, it will make it all squiggly and crap. So don't expect some sort of masterpiece that you would get from a long time member.
The flash will be entitiled "Lord of the Parodies", and as you would think, is about the Lord of the Rings.

Thanks loads,


Newcoming video

2008-05-09 07:04:24 by codymishka

Part 1

My first post, lol, too bad im submitting it from my friends house. Well thats enough reminicing for now and I will get straight on to business, I am making a project that will hopefully take three months at the most and if not then I can make this an ongoing project while I make something else that wont take as long. I am starting it in the morning after heavy concideration over what it would be about, I have finally decided and will give a screenshot once I have made more. I hope that it will be ready in the next couple of months.